Betty - Top Producing Dam of Working Titles

  • 2015
Betty, Betty Kids, Weight Pull, Obedience, Carting, Agility

At the 2015 National Specialty - our girl, Betty, was awarded 'Top Producing Dam of Working Titles' for the year 2014. Meaning that her kids earned more working titles than any other GSMD females offspring!

Sara Lee top agility GSMD 2015

  • December 15th 2015
Sara Lee, Betty Kids, Agility

So VERY proud of Jan and Sara Lee...2nd year in a row they earned the medallion at the AKC Agility Invitational for the top Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. They had some beautiful runs and truly did the breed proud! Congratulations are AMAZING!!

Wally earns his Championship and GCH Major & Pippi wins 3rd major

  • December 11th 2015
Sara Lee Kids, Gander, Obedience, Conformation

MAGS Specialty Weekend - Wally won WD and BOW on Friday for a 4 point major (and finished his CH) - Pippi won WB on Friday for a 4 point major as well. Saturday at the specialty Wally showed as a special for the first time and made the cut. Sunday I figured out a bit better how to show him and he went Best of Opposite Sex over several other very nice, top ranked male specials for a 5 point GCH major.

Gander earns her Championship & Rally Novice titles

  • December 5th 2015
Sara Lee Kids, Gander, Obedience, Conformation

Gander had a BIG weekend at the Cleveland show - earning both her Championship and Rally Novice (RN) titles! It's a super busy show with tons of distractions but she handled it well and managed to pull off decent scores to qualify.

Pippi earns TWO majors

  • November 19th 2015
Dolly Kids, Conformation

Pippi (Timber x Dolly) came on November 2nd to visit and practice being a 'show dog' - 13 days later she now has 2 - 3 point majors, 1 - 3 point major reserve, and 1 - 5 point major reserve!! Not bad for being here less than two weeks. So pleased with how this gorgeous Dolly daughter has turned out.

Sara Lee earns her PACH & PAX

  • November 15th 2015
Sara Lee, Betty Kids, Agility

They did it!!! Sara Lee and Jan earned their PACH - Preferred Agility Champion. Sara Lee is only the second swissy in history to earn this top level agility title. The amount of time, work, talent and dedication that is required for this title is massive...and Jan and Sara Lee's partnership truly shines through in what they have accomplished. Sara Lee has only lived with and been training with Jan for 3 years this January. To have earned their PACH at all is amazing and to have done it in such a short period of time is beyond impressive. So very, very proud of them!

Koda Earns TWO Award of Merits

  • October 17th 2015
Sara Lee Kids, Andas Kids, Conformation

Koda won back-to-back Award of Merits at the Golden Gate Supported Entry show in California! Just a baby, barely 18 months, and his first time out as a special and he gets an AOM with 14 (much older) specials to compete proud of this handsome, young boy!

Elliott 1st MDD2 Swissy Ever!!

  • October 9th 2015
Dolly Kids, Drafting & Carting

At the SwissAthlon this morning, Elliott earned his MDD2 (Master Draft Dog 2) - meaning that he qualified at 10 separate draft tests at open level. He is the first swissy EVER to earn the MDD2 level title!! So very proud of this awesome many firsts/youngests for the breed...GO Elliott and Debbie. And he followed up his beautiful morning drafting performance by earning his last 20x weight pulling leg which earns him his WWDS title as well.

Sara Lee is a Grand Champion

  • September 27th 2015
Sara Lee, Betty Kids, Conformation

Sara Lee earned her Grand Championship in style by going Select Bitch at the C&P Regional Specialty in VA today for a 5 point major!! So proud of everything this beautiful girl has accomplished...thank you Jan and Jaime and Brian (her handlers) for helping to add yet another title to her resume.

Sentry is a Champion

  • September 26th 2015

Jaime and Sentry (Sonny x Lily) kicked butt in Millwood, VA winning back to back 5 point majors on Friday and Saturday! This is the C&P specialty weekend with some tough competition and these two huge wins have earned Sentry his Championship!!! So proud of this team - Jaime's first time showing a dog and Sentry was owner handled the whole way! Congrats guys!!

GSMDCA National Specialty - Gander

  • September 21st - 25th 2015
Conformation,Obedience,Weight Pull,Herding

Gander started off the National Specialty week by showing in Sweepstakes at the Independent Specialty where she won Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps. Just a few hours later she wrapped up the afternoon by taking Winner's Bitch at the Independent Specialty held in conjunction with the National. This BIG win (24 class girls) earned her a 5 point major and means that Cherished Swissies has won Winner's Bitch at THREE Independent's in a row held in conjunction with the National (Charlie in 2013 - Rye in 2014 - and now Gander in 2015)!!
Next up was herding where she earned her first JHD (Junior Herd Dog) leg and came very close to earning her second leg (and her title). That evening was also her first time weight pulling and she pulled successfully several times but stopped just shy of what she needed for a leg.
Gander then competed in Rally Novice for the firt time where after the first few distracted signs she focused nicely and managed to get 3rd place in Rally Novice for her first leg!
Next up was Futurity where she won Best Junior and then went on to be awarded Grand Futurity Winner for 2015...what a huge honor!
She placed 4th in her 12 - 18 month class at the actual National itself. All week she made me so proud - with very limited showing she stayed happy, upbeat, and showed her little heart out for me. Definitely proud of all this young girl has accomplished to date!

GSMDCA National Specialty - Dolly & Kids

  • September 21st - 25th 2015
Conformation,Dolly,Dolly Kids,Weight Pull,Herding

Wally proved he is more than just a pretty face...he earned his Herding Capability Tested (HCT) title at the National - he was a natural with the sheep with enough interest but also showed good control. Wally also competed in both of the weight pulls and earned 1st place in his 130+ lb. class but stopped just shy of what he would have needed for legs.
Wally was 2nd in his competitive bred-by exhibitor class at the Indepdendent and 1st place in his BBE class at the National and also won Best Bred By Exhibitor at the National Specialty!
Rye made the cut in breed at the Independent Specialty, earned her first JHD leg, and pulled nicely during the weight pull. She also competed in Beginner Novice A for the first time and earned FIRST place!! Jameson earned her second HCT leg and thus her HCT title and earned a 10x weight pull leg during the weight pull.
Elliott was the ONLY dog to earn the Tri-Athlete Challenge award at this year's National!! He qualified at the drafting trial and weight pull and earned 1st place in Open B Obedience (190.5), 1st in Brace Obedience, 1st in Team Obedience, 1st in Rally Advanced, and 1st in Rally Excellent! Busy, busy boy!!
Dolly competed in brood bitch - she along with Wally & Rye earned 3rd place in the Brood Bitch class at the National and Jethro, Dolly, and Wally were the only Generations entry this year, so won that class!

Rye is a Champion!

  • August 22nd 2015
Dolly Kids, Conformation

Rye is a new Champion! She finished her Championship by winning her FOURTH major - she then competed the next day as a Grand Champion and earned her first GCH major and a win over another special! So proud of this pretty girl and her owner, Amy, who has come such a long way in her handling skills.

Sara Lee is #1 Preferred Agility Swissy

  • July 22nd 2015
Sara Lee, Betty Kids, Agility

This is Sara Lee's THIRD year qualifying for the invitational and she earned 638 points in a 12 month span with part of that time being taken off to have her 11 puppies!! Dogs jumping regular height receive invites first - so Sara Lee was the #3 invite overall and #1 preferred dog. So very, very proud of all that Jan has accomplished with both Scopey (the #1 invitee - pictured on the right) and Sara Lee (the #3 invitee - pictured on the left)...AMAZING teamwork!!

Elphie is #2 Regular Agility Swissy

  • July 22nd 2015
Betty Kids, Agility

Elphie (Jethro x Betty) has qualified for the national agility invitational for the first time! She was the #2 dog invited and one of only two regular height dogs to qualify. Very nice job Steve and guys are an AWESOME team!


Gander's 1st Major

  • June 14th 2015
Gander, Sara Lee Kids, Andas Kids, Conformation

Gander won Winner's Bitch on the Sunday after the Lakeshore specialty show for her first major. This was only her second weekend out showing...we couldn't be more proud of this big, baby girl winning a major at just 14 months old.

Gander also won Best Bred-By Exhibitor at the afternoon specialty show on Saturday.


Wally Wins At LS Specialty

  • June 13th 2015
Dolly Kids, Conformation

Wally (Rocky x Dolly) took Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, Best Bred By, and Best of Breed Owner Handled at the Saturday morning Specialty show for a 5 point major!!! He followed that up by taking reserve winner's dog to the 5 point major at the Saturday afternoon show and again on Sunday morning. The big guy needs just 5 more points to finish now (two 5 point major specialty wins so far!!).


Taffy Earns her CGC

  • May 18th 2015
Sara Lee Kids,Andas Kids, Just For Fun

Taffy (Andas x Sara Lee) earned her Canine Good Citizen title today! She also won a trophy for the 'fastest sits' during obedience graduation night!


Koda is a Champion!

  • May 3rd 2015
Sara Lee Kids, Andas Kids,Conformation

Koda took Best of Winners for a 5 pt major win on Saturday of the Gavilan CA Specialty show and then went Best of Breed over specials on Sunday for another 5 pt. major to finish his Championship with three majors at just 12.5 months of age and in very limited showing!

So proud of you guys...I have a feeling this handsome boy has a lot more 'brags' still to come too!


Andas earns his Master Draft Dog title

  • May 3rd 2015
Andas, Carting

Andas qualified both Saturday & Sunday in open at the Crooked River Swissy Club draft trial in Indianapolis. These were his 4th & 5th times passing in open at a trial which also means he earned his Master Draft Dog (MDD) title!


Dolly earns her Novice Draft Dog title and VGS!!

  • May 3rd 2015
Dolly, Carting

Dolly qualified on Sunday in novice at the Crooked River Swissy Club draft trial in Indianapolis. This earns her her Novice Draft Dog (NDD) title and also is the third title (in addition to her CD) she's earned which means she has qualified for her VGS (Versatility Greater Swiss)


Elliott earns his 7th & 8th Open Draft Dog legs!!

  • May 3rd 2015
Dolly Kids, Carting

Elliott (Louie x Dolly) qualified both days in open at the Crooked River Swissy Club draft trial in Indianapolis. This earned him his 7th and 8th open level legs towards his MDD2. Team Elliott needs just 2 more legs to earn his Master Draft Dog 2!!

Ella's 1st Major

  • April 10th 2015
Betty Kids, Conformation

Ella (Jethro x Betty) wins Best of Winners at the Harrisburg, PA show for a 3 point major! Sara Lee (Donald x Betty) also won Select Bitch that same day for a 5 point grand champion major!!


Andas visits Nursing Home

  • April 2nd 2015
Andas, Carting, Just For Fun

Andas went to my Grandma's nursing home today and hauled around his Easter themed cart full of goodies for the staff and residents. He was such a good boy...tight, tight corridors and he was so careful and so good about going up to everyone and getting tons of pets. He brought A LOT of smiles to everyone's faces today.

March Weight Pull & Easter Games Weekend

  • March 29th 2015
Weight Pull, Just For Fun

We hosted a two day weight pull out here at our place and had a great turnout and tons of fun I just LOVE getting to see our past puppies...not including our own we got to visit with (in age order):

  • Reba (Justus x Gentry)
  • Axl (Davy x Betty) - earned a 10x and 15x leg
  • Elliott (Louie x Dolly) - earned 2 - 20x legs
  • Royce (Louie x Dolly) - earned 2 - 20x legs (but already has his WWDS & ACE)
  • Zuko (Timber x Dolly) - earned a 20x leg
  • Hex (Ben x Betty) - earned 2 - 20x legs
  • Holly (Ben x Betty) - earned a 15x and 20x leg
  • Coral (Rocky x Dolly)
  • Astro (Sonny x Lily) - earned a 10x leg (first time and had to stop at 10x due to age)
  • Sentry (Sonny x Lily) - earned 2 10x legs (first time and had to stop at 10x due to age)
  • Buddy, Sage, and Stryker (all 3 are Andas x Charlie puppies - just 7 months old)
HUGE thank you to Debbie Fields for all the amazing photos she took this weekend!!


Koda's 1st Major

  • March 20th & 21st 2015
Sara Lee Kids, Andas Kids, Conformation

Koda (Andas x Sara Lee) won Winner's Dog and BOW out in CA on Friday for 2 points from the 9 - 12 month class. Only his second weekend out showing.

He pulled off a back to back win on Saturday for a 3 point major!! At just 11 months he earned his first major and is a third of the way to his championship...nice job handsome boy!

Willy's A Champion!

  • February 7th 2015
Betty Kids, Conformation

Willy (Jethro x Betty) won Winner's Dog on both Friday and Saturday at the Indianapolis, IN show - the 5 point major on Saturday finished his championship!!

One more champion and Betty will earn her ROM (Register of Merit) for having five champion offspring...and this will then earn Gentry her LOM (Legion of Merit) for having two offspring with ROM's (Dolly earned hers back in November 2013).

Andas earns his CD and VGS!

  • January 3rd 2015
Andas, Obedience

Andas earned his third and final leg towards his CD (novice obedience) title today! He was 3 for 3!!

He already has his conformation championship, his open draft dog, novice pack dog, and excellent weight pull, the CD was the last thing he needed to earn his VGS (Versatility Greater Swiss) as well!