We are active in lots of different events with our Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and tend to take lots of pictures everywhere we go, so this page is dedicated to some of the fun pictures we have collected over the years.

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All the above obedience photos are of Monty at the 2008 NS Specialty




Drafting / Carting

All the above drafting photos are of Monty at the 2008 NS Specialty



Left - Betty winning her first point; Right - Gentry taking BOB in Lexington
Left - Sonny 8 months in Lexington at his first show
Right - Sonny at 10 months taking Opposite in the puppy match at the '08 Swissathlon

Left - Sonny winning BOW (for a 5 pt major) and Best Bred by Exhibitor at the 2009 Midwest Specialty;
Right - Sonny winning Best in Sweeps at the 2009 Midwest Specialty

Left - Betty waiting for her turn at Urbana; Right - Dolly winning her sweeps class at the 2009 Midwest Specialty



left - Monty's sister, Greta; right - Monty's brother, Hans
left - Monty and Boulder (littermate) with Boulder's owner Val in 2004; right - Monty and Boulder in 2009
left - Dori with Jethro for one of his majors; right - Steve with Jethro after earning legs in both Rally Excellent and Open A at the 2008 NS

Janelle getting kisses and hugs from Kayak

left - Janelle's puppy Mayday napping with Woody in our tent at the 2008 Swissathlon
right - Monty with his little buddy, Luke

left - Luke taking a nap after an exhausting day of watching the swissies swim;
center - Burley at the 2008 Eukanuba Invitational; right - Jim with puppy Dicey
Tina with Justus (sire of our 'A' litter) from the 2008 National when he won BISS


Just for Fun

left - Monty retrieving a paddle ; right - Dolly posing at the gate for visitors
left - Monty as a 5 month old puppy ; right - Monty as an 8 week old puppy
left - The whole crew posing with a visitor ; right - Monty retrieving a ball in the ocean during a trip to HH
left-Gentry as a pup, she would put all her toys in her bed then lay on them ; right - Monty and Kim in HH
left - Monty and Wyatt having a stare-off over who's going to get the roll
right - Monty, Gracie, and Gentry on Doug & Kim's wedding day
left - Zippo(left) and Dolly playing in NC as puppies ; right - Monty and Gemini (the cat)...who's food is it?
Zippo and Rainbow trying to run away from home during our 2009 draft clinic

Betty, Nash (the Jack Russell), and Beth at the Waynesville Airport Fly-In 2009

2009 Fall Pictures by Becky Gray:


Obedience       Drafting       Conformation       Friends       Other / Fun Pictures